A Heart Pounding 625 HP LINGENFELTER Motor

How do you want the world to see you!

Ever since I first heard that playing on my kid’s IPod, I’ve wanted to say that and mean it. The fact of the matter is, I’d never say that about myself, but you can be damn sure I’d say that about one of the projects we’ve built at GTS Customs.

Take a look at the pictures of this build. This client came to us originally 8 years ago. He comes to us from North Carolina and he’s no stranger to High Performance! This sexy beast is owned by Charlie Lingenfelter. His brother was none other than John Lingenfelter, the genius behind some of the most powerful motors in the world.

The name John Lingenfelter has become a legend in the world of performance engineering. For over 30 years, Lingenfelter has been synonymous with world-class performance, taking great cars and trucks and reinventing them with legendary precision.

Pure Adrenalin

Today, Charlie has combined the legendary power under the hood that Lingenfelter is known for and combined it with the state of the art chassis, drive train and body GTS Customs is known for.

This insanely sexy car has over 625 HP and as you can see, if the polish and shine won’t turn your head, the roar of the motor most assuredly will!


I was told by one of my favorite people that it was time to share my stories, my projects, my experiences. In fact, Jane (my wife), said she’d be happy to oblige me with starting a blog so I can “stay in touch” with my clients, my friends and my fans. She advised me that people want content. Ideas and tips to make their projects more successful, photos and product information so they can follow along with the builds ongoing here at GTS Customs, and dates that I’m available for speaking engagements and so much more!

Because I have enjoyed being happily married for more than 27 years, I decided to follow her advice. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

So here we go! Welcome to the launch of GTS Customs blog site. I hope you find something worth talking about!

Image  —  Posted: August 27, 2012 in From The Ground Up!
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