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Our friends at Optima shot us an email wanting to know what we have been up to regarding race preparation with the car and personally!

Here’s what I had to say!

Optima Jim,

Hmm. Where to start! I believe Greg got the technical info to you regarding the car.

As for me??? So much less interesting!

I study and practice Yoga. Regularly. I started practicing Yoga last year to improve my race jitters. I thought if I could learn to relax more at the line then I could have a chance to learn more, ultimately leading me to doing better. Confidence and visualization I believe is a big part of being a winner at anything you do! I’ve always been beyond capable with academics and business. But I’m not a natural athlete. Don’t get me wrong, I can do almost any sport well. But I’m talking about the fact that there are some people who have a gift, a natural talent at basketball, gymnastics, driving! Sure I’m a good enough driver, but I have to work much harder than some people at getting my head right, chasing nerves away, and learning the courses. I didn’t start driving competitively until early last year. I really have only competed in business! So bottom line is Yoga has not made me more competitive, but it has helped eliminate the anxiety, the harsh self criticism, that crap talk in my head!

Physically, I’m working toward being lighter on my feet. I’m increasing my workouts and cleaning up my diet. I want to be in top physical condition for Optima/SEMA. I know that it will be a long week, so the better condition I am in physically the more likely it will be that I have a good time. And the more likely it will be that I am a contender. I’m planning on getting to Willow Springs at least once for testing and am looking to schedule a trip to Vegas for some practice, as well.

My goal for racing is first to have fun. But second is to show other women, wives, mother’s that our lives don’t end when our kids are grown and head off to college. I want to show the world that at ANY age we can have a rocking good time and do things other may not think possible. If I could be an ambassador for our sport, I would gladly do it! If by my participating in these events inspire someone else to live life to the fullest than I know that’s something I want to do!

Who do I think will win? That’s a toss up. Really the one who wins, is the one who shows up! If you don’t show up you’ll never win. Do I want to win? Abso-freaking-lutely! Do I think I can? YES. Because if I didn’t think for a minute that I could win, I probably shouldn’t be racing! I have an amazing car. I know how to drive it. When we got home from Portland we found many little issues that had ultimately slowed me down. The motor wasn’t performing as it should. One of the bolts had come off of the shocks. Little things like that. Could have had better times. I’m satisfied with my first real run at a road course. Honestly, I believe I can catch the field. I believe I have the heart and soul to win. I believe that if my Scarlett stays together, she and I will do amazing things. I believe that I will be one to watch!

With that said – that’s what’s happening here in my world – less than 60 days out from the event. Thanks for asking!


Post Race Stress Disorder

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As many of you know we started to race autocross last year.

What is autocross you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a highly addictive form of driving competition (for fun) using a street machine, not purpose built, rather a vehicle that you’ve built for pleasure!

Naturally, we have a little beauty we have affectionately named Scarlett. In part due to her amazing color, Scarlett Red. In part due to her unique attitude, think Gone With the Wind!

Originally built in 1964, Scarlett has undergone not only  cosmetic ‘surgery’ but has endured modifications that have markedly improve her performance. From suspension updates to drive train improvements that changed this once antiquated ole girl into nothing shy of a sassy Playmate! In  the beginning she featured the finest creature comforts. A range of accessories from custom leather interior, Classic Instrument Gauge’s, Blue Tooth Stereo and Nav System, Power Windows, Locks & Seats (5 way adjustable) and so much more! She was built for performance AND luxury!

Then…..we found autocross! This was a sure fire way to see what we built in action. And we could test the water’s a bit. Was autocross any fun? The answer – a resounding YES! YES! YES!

Our first bonafide competition was a Goodguys Event held in Del Mar, California in April of last year. Then off to Camarillo for the So Cal Challenge. Then up to Pleasanton California for another Goodguys Event. Then back to the shop for some modifications.

First thing to go was the stereo.  Next, no more power windows. And 5 way adjustable seats, well they weigh too much! No speakers. No A/C. Definitely no deadener. That got rid of at least 200 lbs!

You see where this is going….don’t you??? HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!!!

Then it was back to Camarillo. This gave us a real chance to dial in the suspension and see what tires really worked the best. And it also cost a motor….that was then replaced within 8 hours!!!

One week later it was off to Costa Mesa for one more So Cal Challenge. Then Kaboom! One more motor almost down the drain. Within two weeks Scarlett was back up and running better than ever.

Then back to Camarillo for the season finals for So Cal Challenge, back up to Pleasanton for the Goodguys Autumn Get Together, with only Del Mar to go!

With something so fun how could there be anything like “Post Race Stress Disorder”?

Well my friends, that comes when the race is over!

You see racers don’t like Monday’s. It’s back to the real world and back to driving the mean streets of the city. Regardless of where you live, you will always be out numbered by idiot drivers.

Yeah I said it. And we’ve all seen them. Running lights. Swerving in and out of lanes too fast. Driving 60 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. Texting, talking on their phones, or the very worst – PUTTING ON MAKE-UP!!!! Please bitches – STOP THE MADNESS!

When we race, we drive with hyper-awareness. Where our car is in relationship to the apex of a turn, how to get around the cones as fast as possible without spinning out or losing control. We are vigilant and incredible executioner’s when it comes to where to place our car and how to get it from point A to point B the fastest. Monday morning rolls around and out come the idiots.

Monday Morning Idiots = Post Race Stress Disorder.

Generally a very happy bunch, we begin to feel the pangs of withdrawal. Our skin tightens and our flesh begins to itch and it’s not even 9:00 a.m. By noon, we start to loosen up a bit and relax. But it’s only temporary. As the late afternoon approaches we feel a bit lulled into almost a sense of comfort as we unlock the door to our cars and slip into the warmth of a sun soaked interior. We are captivated for a brief moment as we recall the past weekends events. Gently sliding the key into the ignition we feel powerful and the rush of adrenalin begins to pulse through our veins as we ease the seat back, depress the brake and lock into reverse.

At this point all seems right with the world. Our favorite driving song comes on as we leave the parking lot. We start humming Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55” and away we go.

SNAP back to reality when that B*&%h without a blinker cuts over last minute forcing us to SLAM on our brakes, jolting us from our moment of bliss, back to the reality of Post Race Stress Disorder! Some Lady Gaga song comes on and now we are in a panic! Our hearts beat a little faster, we are short of breath and maybe even seeing spots. It happens. Try as we might to remain calm but we are over taken by anxiety only to be reminded it’s just Monday and we can’t get the weekend here any faster!

Say it with me – Post Race Stress Disorder.

Understand we didn’t choose this life, it chose us! We are merely victims and we need your understanding and patience. Especially during the off season. Yes we racer’s have an Off-Season. This is why you should try a little harder to maneuver your vehicle in a very responsible manner.

You see Post Race Stress Disorder can lead to a number of other clinical and medically identified disorders. Including but not limited to this following list:

  • Insomnia
  • Excessive desire for sweets
  • Irrational urges to ride roller coasters
  • Inexplicable irritability
  • Hyper awareness of road construction cones

The above are just a few of the issues many with Post Race Stress Disorder suffer from. It’s real. And if you know someone who is suffering from this serious disorder, please do what you can to locate an auto cross in their area. It really is the only way to combat this  problem!!