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Posted: August 1, 2013 in Random Rants & Racy Thoughts!


Sometimes I even think I’m BORING! However, not today! I’m so excited cause tomorrow is my birthday. And you know what? I don’t actually feel older this year.  And that’s a first!

More importantly I think it’s because I am kind of a bad ass mom! Yeah I said it! I’m a bad ass! Don’t believe me? Ask my kids!

I feel confident that this is my year.

I started autocross racing in February of this year and I freaking love it. I love doing it. I love talking about it. I even love looking for new race tracks to try.

But I’m not stopping with autocross.

You know when you do something, and you find out that you’re actually good at it? I mean, not pretty good, but GOOD GOOD? Well that’s how it is for me. Granted I’ve had more than thirty years behind the wheel of a car. But that’s not it. It’s the thought process, the challenge, the competition, the reward.

What’s really crazy is I am finding that I will listen to people and be capable of following their instruction and viola! I wind up shaving seconds off my lap times.

Of course having an AMAZING car helps too. Not only is this car like our little baby (I named her Scarlett), she performs like a dream. She’s loud, an obnoxiously beautiful shade of red, and a real show stopper. You know, like a super cute baby, with red hair! Drive her down the street and just try to change lanes. You can’t. Why? People ride along side just to catch a glimpse of her sheer perfection. She’s like Beyonce or Brittney. Or better yet, a Victoria’s Secret model.

Well, with any luck, I will continue to love this sport as much as I do today. I’m actually looking forward to being the Rookie and surprising a few folks! And trust me, I typically do what I set out to do. And right now that’s serving dinner!

Til tomorrow my loves when we get to talk about racing again!

American Street Car Series - Run To The Coast

American Street Car Series – Run To The Coast


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